Famous Firsts with Todd Nuke ‘Em

Todd Nuke 'em

Todd Nuke ‘Em


KXRK (X96)/Salt Lake City, UT

KJQ/Salt Lake City overnights in 1988

Psychedelic Furs in 1987

David Bowie “Let’s Dance” (single)

It was a phoner with Michael Hutchence when he was promoting his side project Max Q. I was nineteen years old and was nervous as hell.

I was playing the 12” of New Order’s “Blue Monday” at KJQ on vinyl. We had two turntables in the studio and more than half of our library at the time was on vinyl. Farnsworth, the station cat, jumped onto the counter and knocked over a stack of carts and sent the tonearm all the way off the record! I was just eighteen and I thought it was a complete disaster! I quickly put the stylus back into the groove somewhere in the middle of the song. After that, I learned to stack my carts on the other side of the room just in case the kitty felt the urge to climb up again.