Happy Birthday wishes to Hunter Burgan (AFI), Sean Akhavan (The Used & Atreyu manager) (May 14); Alex Hackford (Playstation), Michael Scoville (One King Down), Adam Mott (BMG) (May 15); Scott Reeder (Fireball Ministry/The Obsessed), Oscar Martinez (Rebellion Republic), Sonny Sandoval (P.O.D.), Dawn Marshman (Live Nation) (May 16); Dayna Ghiraldi-Travers (Big Picture Media), Dallas Taylor (Maylene And The Sons Of Disaster), (May 17); Morgan Freed (Emo Nite), Karen Rocco (NAMM), Julie Weir (Music For Nations) (May 18); Andy Marsh (Thy Art Is Murder), Greg Siegel (Live Nation), Mike D’Antonio (Killswitch Engage), and Zach Merch (video director) (May 19).