Rock Birthday wishes to Kristin Torres (Nuclear Blast Records), Yuri Zane Ruley (MxPx), and Kate Truscott (Revolution Marketing); (June 03); Evan Tolonen (Dropkick Murphys TM), Ted Stryker (Compass Media), Charles Kallaghan Massabo (producer), and Marcus Hammer (Nuclear Blast) (June 04); Andrew Goodfriend (TKO), Kevin Chiaramonte (PFA), Rey Roldan (Another Reybee Productions), Munsey Ricci (Skateboard Marketing), Rachel Rosenberg (Atom Splitter PR), Tommy Jones (Nuclear Blast), Lee Dorian (Rise Above Records), Alan Wilson (The Sharks), and Scott Nagelberg (Crush Music) (June 05); Mike Schleibaum (Darkest Hour), Danny Kenny (Suicide Silence), Andrew Brightman (Brightman Music), Erick Palma (Golden Voice), Crystal Torres (10th Street Entertainment), and David Burrier (Street Smart Management) (June 07); Kevin Skaff (A Day To Remember), Carianne Marshall (Warner Chappell Music), and Todd McCarty (Band Builder Academy) (June 08).