San Diego trio almost monday released “can’t slow down” on May 31st from their upcoming debut album coming later this year. Sirius XM’s Alt Nation did a world premiere 5/29 on Advanced Placement. It’s the follow up to their Top 20 Alternative single, “sun keeps on shining” from 2022. About the new single, lead singer Dawson Daugherty said, “This song was really elusive for us – kinda one of those tracks that takes you on a long journey. Our producer brought in this really cool flute ish sounding hook that really turned all of our heads. It felt like a spark of something new to what was going on in the studio that month. In my head it was like a: ‘let’s dance! put on you’re red shoes and dance the blues’ feeling. Listening to it the next morning the initial verses we wrote didn’t work, so the song got lost in the hard-drives for a sec. A few weeks went by and Luke and I were driving up to the studio from SD. He was like ‘man that ‘can’t slow down song has some good bones’ so we re-listened and got inspired to bring it back into the fold. After multiple attempts at new verses and a bridge part the song finally felt right. For me it’s late nights with your friends making blurry memories. I’m honestly really excited for the song – it’s  unexplored territory for us which is always exciting.” Recently, almost monday dropped another new song “is it too late?” from the upcoming release ahead of a run of April tour dates with Beach Weather.  almost monday head out on tour with AJR beginning June 25th in Pittsburgh. Find the tour dates HERE