L.A.’s AWOLNATION is back with “Panoramic View” released on March 29th. AWOLNATION’s Aaron Bruno said, “I remember writing this one on a piano almost four years ago. It’s the most sincere and my favorite song on the album; it’s the most profound to me because I wrote it to my scared little kid that I didn’t even have yet. I have twin boys now but we weren’t pregnant yet when I wrote it. Basically I’m saying I’ll protect you, everything’s gonna be okay. Back then, we all felt scared in some way, no matter who you were—whether you were fearful of being sick or of how governments were handling it, or how your friends were handling it, personal decisions…  During that time, I was lyrically and emotionally conceptualizing the idea of writing songs to a child. And in some ways I was writing songs to comfort a younger version of myself. I guess the point is to remind us that we can always find an escape through music, even at the worst times.” AWOLNATION released a Candy Pop EP in November 2023 and has released five full-length albums beginning in 2011 with Megalithic Symphony featuring the mega breakthrough single “Sail.” AWOLNATION has tour dates this summer with Neon Trees and 311 beginning July 20th. Find the tour dates HERE.