L.A.-based Blame My Youth is Sean Van Fleet, originally from Chicago band, Empires. “The Break” is the follow up single to “Prizefighter” from Blame My Youth, who released a debut EP, Dance With My Demons in 2022. On the new single, Van Fleet said, “Writing this one was a real good reminder that my heart hadn’t turned to stone yet. I was happy at the time when we wrote it, but I got to go down memory lane and knock on a door I had all boarded up. Somebody had asked me recently if I’d ever been broken up with before, and I said ‘yep’ and that was that. A couple weeks later when Joey and I were writing, I continued answering the question in this song.” Blame My Youth will be playing at #HAPPENS 2024 in Las Vegas on February 29th and heading out on tour beginning May 6th in Dallas.