Texas native Dayglow (a.k.a. Sloan Struble) kickstarts a new chapter with his single “Every Little Thing I Say I Do” released May 3rd. It notably marks his first release since 2022 and official debut on Mercury/Republic Records. On the single, Struble says, “‘Every Little Thing I Say I Do’ is a song where I’m poking fun at my perfectionism and my desire for control. It’s a pretty ridiculous claim–that I not only do everything perfectly, but also for your benefit–but that’s the point. It’s a toxic and impossible way of being, yet this is the mode I unfortunately tend to be running from in my little homosapien brain. I write songs as a way to better understand myself, and I tend to be fairly harsh sometimes. Once a song is done though, I always feel like I grew up a little bit, and that I was able to see a more realistic glimpse of myself from the outside. My hope is that the same effect happens for listeners, too. I hope to make songs that help people self-reflect and become nicer, because I surely always need to. They can totally just dance to the song too, though. It’s pretty damn catchy.” The single arrives with a homemade self-directed and edited music video. Watch it HERE.