UK trio HotWax return with their new single “Phone Machine” via Marathon Artists. The band says, “Phone Machine is about someone who is caught up in a intricate and emotionally challenging family. It’s a song about true friendship, sticking by them and leaving toxic relationships. we wanted the song to have a light uplifting feel but with a robotic groove and a mechanical riff.” HotWax played first-ever U.S. tour with Royal Blood in November 2023. HotWax kick off 2024 playing #HAPPENS Las Vegas and SXSW. WEQX/Albany PD Jeff Morad says, “Phone Machine is an awesome follow up to Drop!  These teens really have punk figured out and we should not be sleeping on this fact…after all, Green Day got their start as teenagers and things seemed to turn out alright with the decision to play them on alternative radio!  Imagine passing on them then, that’s tantamount to sleeping on young punk bands today.”

(Photo Credit: Shervin Lainez)