Toronto, Canada’s Jutes released “Sleepyhead” on July 10th. It’s the title track from his self-released EP released on June 14th. As a 90s baby, Jutes pulls inspiration from the Alt Rock bands he grew up on like Nirvana, Deftones, Radiohead and Smashing Pumpkins. Following his 2023 grunge rock album, Ladybug, Jutes’ has taken on a dark and cinematic tone on his latest release that cross breeds numetal with atmospheric hip hop. What began as an experiment by pulling inspiration from early Neighbourhood albums and the Deftones in the studio with his favorite collaborators Keith Sorrells and Alex Niceforo has created a whole new spark. Two weeks after “Sleepyhead” was released it started to gain momentum on TikTok and quickly became Jutes’ most well received single to date.  Jutes had this to say about his new music. “After writing and recording an entire album trying to appeal to what labels told me they wanted and constantly thinking about what would work for rock radio, I lost my vision as an artist and put my personal taste on hold to do what I thought would help me break through after many years of trying. I decided to make something just for myself and ended up writing ‘Theraflu’ and ‘Sleepyhead’ back to back. These records reignited the passion I almost lost and made me decide to scrap the album and trust my own vision independently. Instantly ‘Sleepyhead’ became the fastest growing song of my career and I’m so grateful I bet on myself yet again.”