Memphis 3-piece The Band CAMINO released “Nostalgia” on July 10th. It’s from their latest Bruises EP, which dropped in May. The now Nashville-based band had this to say about the new EP: “Fresh starts are hard to come by when you’ve been a band for 9 years and almost all of your 20’s, but this release truly feels like one. Honestly for a while it felt like we were chasing something. Having a fan base and any amount of success puts this pressure on your art and it’s easy to start chasing and predicting what you think people are going to like. But in this next chapter we’ve decided we aren’t chasing anything at all – just expressing. Making something you connect with is far more fulfilling and the only reason we found our footing as a band in the first place. Just know we feel these songs in our bones and we have a feeling someone out there will too. Making these songs and this EP brought us together in a way we haven’t felt in a long time honestly. We took the process back to the place we started as a band and wrote and arranged the songs in a live rehearsal setting to truly create them together with instruments in our hands. Making music in 2024 has mostly turned into sitting in front of a computer, so we really put in effort to make music with no computers in sight until it was time to hit the studio with a fully-fleshed out arrangement. We tracked everything live as a band and left the takes as raw as we could. Our live show has always been what we’re most proud of, so we really just wanted to capture that in these recordings and not over complicate or overproduce anything. A touch more humanness, imperfectly perfect.” The Band CAMINO’s breakout Alternative single “1 Last Cigarette” was released in 2021.