beabadoobee-Laufey 2023

Beabadoobee Teams With Jazz Singer Laufey

October 24th, 2023

beabadoobee has collaborated with jazz singer Laufey to release a new single “A Night To Remember.” “I’ve been writing with a lot of different rhythms recently, also with strings and nods to more classical sounds,” shares beabadoobee on the song. “Laufey is a great fit for this sound and we had started hanging out in London, so we got in the studio together to work on music and try ideas with my producer Jacob. We also hung in NY on my tour and started becoming closer friends. We wrote ‘A Night To Remember’ and decided we wanted to write something that sounds grand but a bit more sexy lyrically and have fun with that theme.”

“Bea has been one of my favorite musicians for a while so getting to write and sing with her was a dream come true,” continues Laufey. “We both agreed that we wanted to write something a bit sexier for this project and ‘A Night To Remember’ was born. There are so many songs about being rejected as a woman and this song is about being on the other side of the coin – having one great night then walking away. Reclaiming the narrative! We recorded it in London with Jacob, Bea’s producer and added some finishing touches in LA with my producer Spencer Stewart. This song is a true marriage of my and Bea’s sonic worlds and I can’t wait for the world to dive into the cinematic sound this song offers.”

Check out the lyric video HERE.