Matisyahu -Hold The Fire EP

Matisyahu Announces New EP And Shares New Single

November 6th, 2023

Matisyahu announces his forthcoming Hold The Fire EP will drop on February 2nd via his own label Fallen Sparks Records. He also shared a new single “Fireproof.”

“This song is about a dream I had about holding the fire,” shares Matisyahu. “The burning bush in the Torah is how God speaks to Moshe at first. Through a bush on fire that doesn’t consume itself. It became a metaphor for me as an artist and as a Jew. Moshe, the leader of the Jewish Nation, comes from the aspect of water spiritually. Literally, he was drawn from the river by Pharoh’s daughter after the mandate to kill the Jewish male babies. In my dream, I was being burned by fire from a tiger’s eyes but when I looked down at my hand, it was made of water. This aspect of balancing humility with the inner fire is what allows for the continuation of a people. Jews have been slaughtered and kicked around this world since the beginning of time and we have managed to not only survive but thrive, even though every two generations they try and exterminate or cut us down. We come from this ancient place of Fire and Water where we learn to dance through the violence and pave the road for the rest of humanity. Come dance with me. Hold the fire.”

Matisyahu has released seven studio albums. His 2006 album, Youth, featured the breakthrough single “King Without A Crown.”