G. Love

G. Love & Special Sauce Celebrate 30 Anniversary Tour And Self-Titled Debut Album

November 7th, 2023

The trio G. Love & Special Sauce emerged out of Philadelphia in 1994 with their cultivation of “hip-hop blues.” In 2024, they will celebrate the 30th anniversary of their self-titled album with an expansive national tour and re-release of the record. The album includes the singles “Baby’s Got Sauce” and “Cold Beverage.”

Born Garrett Dutton, G. Love grew up equally enthralled with folk, blues, and rap, devouring everything from Lead Belly and Run D.M.C. to John Hammond and the Beastie Boys. After migrating to Boston, he and his band, Special Sauce, broke out in 1994 with their Gold-selling self-titled debut. Over the last 30 years, G. Love has released seven studio albums with Special Sauce (plus four solo albums on his own).

The 2024 G. Love & Special Sauce tour begins January 11th in St. Louis and ends March 16th in Boulder. Find all the tour dates HERE