Jill Melancon 2023

Jill Nelson Returns To WNNX (99X)/Atlanta To Host Nights

November 17th, 2023

Cumulus Alternative WNNX (99X)/Atlanta welcomes back Jill Nelson to host nights, Monday-Friday from 7p-midnight, beginning Monday, November 27th. She will also anchor weekends on 99X. The Atlanta native was part of the original 99X from 1992-2008. Her new music show “Planet Jill” will return in December from 8-9p.

99X PD Steve Craig said, “The final member of the 99X Original Cast has returned! Jill has deep roots in Atlanta and was with us from the very beginning in 1992! Her incredible knowledge of music and ties to our local band community will be, as it was then, a valuable asset to the team.”

Jill added, “I’m thrilled to be back with my 99X Family… How many times in life do we get to go back to an amazing time in our lives and be with the same people?  Spoiler Alert: Never! But I’m getting that opportunity and could not be more grateful.”

For the past 12 years, Jill has been owner/voiceover talent of Nocnalem Creative and the last four years has been a podcast producer for Creative Loafing.