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KRXF (92/9FM)/Bend, OR Hit By Ransomeware Attack

December 1st, 2023

BackyardMedia/Bend, OR and all four stations, which include Alternative KRXF (92/9FM)/Bend, OR had a ransomeware attack and lost all the music, commercials, and production.

KRXF PD Kris Metzdorf said, “We will rebuild from the ground up. I am beyond devastated. 92/9’s library was massive and the thought of rebuilding is so daunting.”

Backyard Media GM Andy Hilmes issued the following statement on Facebook: “You may have noticed a slight difference in the sound of our radio station the last couple of days. That’s because foreign cyber terrorists took all of your favorite songs hostage and are demanding large sums of bitcoin to get it back. On top of that, they infected all of our programming computers that make your favorite station zing. Things like promotions, contests, and commercials – the way we pay our people – has all been frozen.  We’re a local independent company…always have been… and we’re not paying them one single penny! 

“Instead, we’ll be rebuilding this station from the ground up. So for the next several weeks we may sound a little different than you’ve come to expect. We’ve already got your favorite music back up and running.  We’re gonna be bragging about our awesome advertisers who are supporting us during this challenge. And you keep rocking! You all mean the most to us and you’re the reason we do it. Call, email, or hit us on social with your messages.  Thanks so much for your support.”