Mike Shinoda – The Crimson Factor

Mike Shinoda Has The Crimson Chapter On New Music Friday

December 1st, 2023

L.A.’s Mike Shinoda drops his new EP, The Crimson Chapter today (12/1) via Warner. The new collection features 8 tracks, including new remixes of his latest solo single, “Already Over” and his previous single “In My Head (f/Kailee Morgue)” from the Scream VI Soundtrack.

Shinoda said, “’Already Over’ came to me as I was sitting with my favorite guitar in my hands—the same guitar I used on songs from ‘What I’ve Done’ to ‘In My Head.’ There was a familiar DNA to the song that I think Linkin Park fans will recognize. For me, it creates a bridge from the past to a blurry but exciting future.” 

He added, “This chapter takes some of my favorite things about releasing music – the songs, games, challenges, and visuals – and assembles them in a different way.”

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