Matt Parvis 2024

Matt Parvis Named VP/Sales At NuVoodoo Media Services 

January 8th, 2024

Former All Access VP/Sales Matt Parvis joins NuVoodoo Media Services as VP/Sales, based in Los Angeles. Parvis spent the past 25 years at All Access. He previously handled Sales at Inside Radio and Radio & Records.

Carolyn Gilbert, Founder and President, NuVoodoo Media Services, said: “We are thrilled to have Matt Parvis out front and center for NuVoodoo in 2024, building new relationships and serving our customers across radio, television, newspaper, music, and retail. After working with Matt for years as an All Access customer, we cannot believe our luck that he is now going to lead our sales efforts. His deep experience and knowledge of the industries we serve are invaluable. What a great way to start a new year!”

Parvis added, “Getting an opportunity to work with Carolyn Gilbert along with her stellar staff at NuVoodoo is something I’m very excited about. Their host of products is a salesperson’s dream. Representing the best-of-the-best makes this a great gig and I can;t wait to get started. Call me – we’ll catch up!”

Reach out to Parvis at: or (213)280.5321.