WAPS (The Summit FM)/Akron, OH PD Brad Savage drove to WWCD (CD 92.9)/Columbus, OH to soak up the memories. Savage couldn’t have said it any better in his Facebook post: I think there is magic in the airwaves. 🎚️🎙️📻 🪄 🧙‍♂️ I saw the magic and community the airwaves can build last night in Columbus. It was the final day on-air for CD 92.9 FM 33 Years of music, goodwill, community and discovery: A cottage industry customized for their city. A job well done and a brand that really means something to their audience, and now spanning generations in their case. 

I was inspired upon listening to their last day online. I wanted to support our nearby friends and bid farewell properly. So after work I just kept driving, and ended up at their farewell party last night. CD101/CD102.5/CD 92.9 was one of the last independent radio stations. Their great team and history “against the odds” for 33 years is something to be very proud of. So many people and recording artists themselves have contributed to that legacy. What a great crew. Well done! I’m glad they will continue online, and I hope there is still more to come. For now at least, they march on at a new site: www.wwcdradio.com

I had to be there for this, for Bailey, and for the late “Mase” (Mason) (RIP), and I’m so glad I spontaneously decided to attend. But these radio goodbye send-offs are never easy, and I’ve seen to too many of them through the years. “I’ve seen this movie before.” I hope that if you care about something and the product someone crafts out of love, passion, loyalty, and their own hands, that you’ll support it and champion what they do. It’s important because with our time, our legacy is what we create. WWCD has done an exemplary job making the magic shine. Radio and music build community and that’s very powerful. That’s why I still believe in radio!

Pictured with Savage (2nd from left) in-studio are (l-r) WWCD’s Andy Latek, DJ Nate, Tom Butler, and Randy Malloy.