Val Garris Exits Cumulus Media

February 20th, 2024

After over two decades at Cumulus Media, Val Garris exits his position as Corporate VP/Programming/Format VP.

Over the course of his career, Garris has worked across multiple music formats, including Alternative, Rock, Triple A, Classic Rock, Classic Hits, Adult Hits, Top 40.  He is an expert at scheduling along with research design & analysis. Garris is also a creative writer with audio production skills. 

Garris said, “I look back on my tenure at Cumulus with fond memories having launched countless stations, hired and helped PDs grow into their role while serving on numerous industry committees. I prided myself on being a resource to every size market and department. I’m excited about the future.”

Prior to Cumulus, Garris was a consultant at Burkhart/ Douglas & Associates and a member of the team at McVay Media. He can be reached at or by text at (770) 335-6130.