Famous Firsts with Miranda Daniels

Miranda Daniels


WRIS (The Resistance 106.7)/Madison, WI

Weekend overnights at WJJO.

Third Eye Blind and BoDeans at the MN State Fair in 1998. I was 13 and tried to pretend I wasn't there with my mom.

I bought 3 at the same time... The Offspring "Smash", Limp Bizkit "Three Dollar Bill, Y'all", and Korn "Follow The Leader". My older brother said he was my guardian so I could finally get CDs with the parental advisory on them.

Red Line Chemistry. It was live on the air and I had no idea what I was doing. Super awkward. They were great though. Very kind.

I was working at my full time job when I got a call that there was dead air and my name was on the schedule. Horrible, horrible feeling.