Hard to believe it was 3 weeks ago that #Happens 2024 Las Vegas happened. Our good friend/label honcho Artie Gentile shares a collector’s edition group photo from a secret location. Pictured are (l-r) Chris Payne (KDOT), Andy Hawk (KKDO), Gary Gorman (RCA), Dave Barbis (Big Loud Rock), Rob Goldklang (Warner), Bill Burrs (The Syndicate), Bryan Schock (WYBB/ WCOO/Charleston, SC), Audri (Ross Mahoney’s girlfriend), Ross Mahoney (Audacy), Allison Smith (Big Machine), Edie Lundeen (Epitaph), Amy Kaplan (Mick Mgmt.), Michelle Rutkowski (WLUM/Milwaukee), Nicole Rich (Big Loud), Joe Roselli (Columbia), Artie Gentile, Chris Crowley (WEND/Charlotte), and Dustin Matthews WWDC/Washington.