Famous Firsts with Klein

KLEIN (formerly Kevin Klein)

Host: Klein.Ally.Show

KROQ/Los Angeles

After an internship at the legendary WHFS, I landed a cushy gig as an overnight board op for a smooth jazz station in Washington DC. Jealous?

Live On July 15th 1994 and Adam Sandler the same year.

2 Live Crew As Nasty As They Want To Be and G N R Appetite for Destruction.

I think I sat down with Seether when I was starting out at KROCK in Syracuse. The following week I got a phone call from Bono. I couldn’t believe it. Then his people realized he called the wrong “KROCK” in New York.

A listener sent me pizza during one of my night shifts at WXRK in NYC. I was so hungry that I went to lobby and forgot my key card. Just me in an elevator with a pizza and a Strokes song ending quickly. About 8 minutes and 4 slices later I got back in. Total dead air 6:32.