SHAED Will Be Spinning Out June 14th

March 26th, 2024

SHAED announces their new album Spinning Out will drop on June 14 via BMG. It features the band’s lead single “Everybody Knows I’m High” released on January 26th and currently building on the Alternative chart (Listen/Download HERE). The band has also released another new track “Rocket In The Sky” with the album announce. Watch the visualizer HERE.

The album comprises 11 songs exploring themes of family, love, and growth. Over years of writing, recording, and producing, Spinning Out cohered as a collection of snapshots and vignettes, reflecting on love and belonging from all different angles.

SHAED weren’t immune to spinning out. The trio of Chelsea Lee and twin brothers Max and Spencer Ernst had been living in a whirlwind for a long time — a long, circuitous, sometimes stop-start arc that included meeting as teenagers playing around D.C., living and writing at home together, and a surprise breakout hit in 2018’s “Trampoline.” The runaway ascension of  “Trampoline” led the band through an array of dream scenario milestones — soundtracking a MacBook Air commercial, two billion streams, and accolades from pop culture monoliths like iHeart and Billboard. 

But SHAED also experienced the pitfalls of following that unexpected success. Seeking a reset, the trio emerged from tumultuous times equally defined by existential crises and beautiful life changes to craft a sophomore album that was as true a statement of their identity as anything they had made thus far. There was only one name for it: Spinning Out.

The Washington, D.C. trio released their debut album, High Dive, in 2021.