Andy Rourke and Kav Sandhu – photo credit Lexi Bonin

Andy Rourke and Kav Sandhu (Photo Credit: Lexi Bonin)

Blitz Vega Memorializes The Late Andy Rourke In ‘Disconnected’ Video

April 9th, 2024

Featuring footage filmed before Andy Rourke’s untimely death, Blitz Vega’s official music video for new single “Disconnected” teleports the band back to happier times in the studio, while recording their debut album Northern Gentlemen, set to drop on May 17th via FutureSonic Records/CEN/The Orchard). Watch the video for Blitz Vega “Disconnected” HERE

Kav (formerly of Happy Mondays) formed Blitz Vega in 2016 with Rourke before his terminal battle with cancer. Kav said, “We originally started recording the track in July 2019 in a studio in Echo Park, CA. Andy came in with the bassline and we built a song around it. The lyrics are about a desire to escape from the digital world and all the distractions that come with it.” 

Written mostly during the pandemic, the Blitz Vega 10 song collection features Andy Rourke (bass), Kav Sandhu (guitar / lead vocals), Asa Brown (keyboards / backing vocals), Thom Arizmendi (guitar), Greg Gent (guitar / backing vocals), Craig Eriksson (drums). Northern Gentlemen is a bittersweet celebration of the late seminal bassist’s decades-long impact on the music world and stands as a testament to the power and impact he continues to have. “Every song tells a story and ‘Disconnected’ takes me back to a particularly poignant memory driving to the studio before we recorded the song,” Kav shares, evoking not only the emotions of sadness for Andy’s death but also the joyful memories that came with their personal friendship and musical collaboration. 

To celebrate the album, Kav wants to keep the promise he made to Andy to release and go out on tour. Kav recently played the first live London show as Blitz Vega at Scala as part of the FSR Events club night.