Jake Kaplan 2024

Jake Kaplan Exits Audacy

April 29th, 2024

Audacy Director Of Imaging And Sound Design Jake Kaplan got caught up in the company layoffs last week. Kaplan spent over 20 years with the company. He started at WHFS/Wasington, DC before moving to L.A. to image KCBS (Jack FM), KAMP (AMP Radio), and help the Alt imaging team. For the last two years, Kaplan was in the newly created position at Audacy as Director Of Imaging And Sound Design at Audacy.

Kaplan said, “I’ll continue to voice KNDD for Audacy. Also I voice other Alt stations like KFRR in Fresno… Definitely open for voice over on any Alt stations in the US and beyond. Megan Holiday calls me ‘Mr. alternative’ and definitely spending the last few days looking back at my career, alternative music has been a huge part of my life. I really can’t put into words how cool it was I was able to see and meet so many bands as just a normal part of the job. One of my favorite moments was when Dan from Imagine Dragons came into my studio when they were a new band and he couldn’t get over how cool it was that he was at KROQ and look at them now! That’s just a little taste of what I got to witness at that job, I’ve lived the radio dream and alternative radio is huge part of it and I feel incredibly lucky. Stoked, (as we say) for what is next!”

Reach Jake at Jacobkapan1@mac.com, 323-459-1479 or @jakekaplan on IG.