Famous Firsts #Happens On Monday

June 24th, 2024

Happy Monday! Hope you had an amazin’ weekend!

We kickoff the first day of the week with Pauly Kover from KXTE (X 107.5 Xtreme Radio)/Las Vegas sharing Famous Firsts. Pauly recently returned to the station to host nights and his two-hour Sunday night new music show, “It Hurts When I Pee.” 

Sum 41 “Dopamine” is the #1 Most Picked song this week on New Music Discovery Picks. Alternative programmers are buzzing about the follow up single that is impacting this week.

Royel Otis “Murder On The Dancefloor” dances to #1 on the Alternative chart this week. Congrats to AWAL SVP/Rock Formats Dave Lombardi & the Royel Otis team! Lombardi said, “What a statement for a completely independent artist to go to #1 at Alt radio, proving that Alt radio DOES support new music and new artists! And Roy and Otis have been busting their asses the whole time, committing to two US headline tours while still hitting the road back home in Australia and across Europe. And this is a radio campaign that never would’ve happened on a major label, because a major never would have gone to radio with a non-LP single weeks before the album dropped. But the band’s entire catalog is up over 150% in streams (and monthly listeners, also) since we started, so this is a career-building #1, too.”

Yungblud has a new single “Breakdown” and it includes a partnership with mental health organizations. Soul Coughing will return for the first tour in 25 years beginning in September on the west coast. Get the 411 in Alternative Music Info.

Something Corporate had a big reunion show last week and there’s something special posted on Alternative Photos.

97X/Tampa’s Under Play Featuring Judah & The Lion is on July 17th. Find out more in The Latest Alternative News.

Congrats to Corey Irwin, producer of Stryker’s Out Of Order, on his new baby girl.

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