Rock Famous Firsts

  • Leslie Tucker

    Leslie Tucker

    APD / On-Air Host

    KQRA Q102.1 / KKLH 104.7 The Cave

    On-Air Host for KQRA

    Pantera, 1995

    There's a strong possibility it was Wilson Phillips, but I tell everyone it was Metallica's Black Album.

    Unofficially, it was Peter Steele of Type O Negative. The guy I was dating at the time was supposed to do it but he chickened out so I did it for him. But my first official interview as a radio host was LaJon Witherspoon of Sevendust.

    I think my first dead air experience was sometime during my first few months on-air. I lost my train of thought mid-sentence and I completely froze; I didn't know what to say or do. I'm not even sure how I recovered from that! I must have figured it out because 7 years later, here I am!

  • Jen Kajzer

    Jen Kajzer

    General Manager

    WSOU 89.5FM, Seton Hall's Pirate Radio

    Music Choice.

    Whitesnake with Great White at Meadowlands Arena, New Jersey, 1987.

    Def Leppard Hysteria and KISS Crazy Nights, both in the same purchase.


    While working at WSOU as a student in the late 1990s, I forgot to put the pots in program and they were in audition. I must have played three or four songs at the time and a listener called to say there was dead air. My heart dropped into my stomach. I still have the recurring 'dead air' dreams.

  • Jose Mangin

    Jose Mangin

    Director of Music Programming/On-Air Host

    SiriusXM Octane and Liquid Metal

    Metal Director KAMP Student Radio, Tucson, AZ.

    Anthrax opening for Iron Maiden.

    Mötley Crüe Shout At The Devil

    Chuck Billy from Testament, using a micro-cassette recorder.

    Dead air moments not very memorable really, biggest f-up EVER in my career was hosting an awesome all band interview with System of a Down in front of their management/label at SiriusXM NYC HQ, getting cheers and high-fives afterwards, then realizing I didn’t record ANY OF IT. Epic fail on my part and they were pissed!