Nashville-based Søren Hansen is the co-founder of the Copenhagen, Denmark trio New Politics. His new single “Seventeen” was released on June 21st and simultaneously dropped his self-titled debut solo album via Enci. Søren said, “I wrote ‘Seventeen’ about my mom. She passed away in 2019 and I had so much I needed to say. But having been in America for so long and never really looked back just felt so selfish. Back when I was seventeen is where I have the most memories of how kind and sweet she was. This is my way of showing my love to her. When she got sick the whole world turned upside down for her and all I can do is cherish her memory now.” The vocalist, multi-instrumentalist, and producer wound up planting roots in Nashville and carved out a lane for himself behind-the-scenes as a songwriter and producer, collaborating with a slew of acts across genres. As he kept writing and recording music, he couldn’t help but hold on to certain tunes for himself. They felt a little too close to his heart as he reflected on the ups and downs of childhood, the loss of his mom, and how he got here.