Famous Firsts with Jeremy Pritchard

Jeremy Pritchard

Brand Manager, PM Drive & Host of the Rock & Roll Happy Hour

KBZT (Alt 94/9)/San Diego

94.3 KIK FM - KIKF-FM Orange County. I was one of those nerds who knew early on what I wanted to do when I "grew up." My milk and cereal was always KROQ growing up in Orange County, but even as a pimply teen I knew I had zero chance with that station, so I fell back on my second love of 90's power Country music and the OC station, KIK-FM. As a listener I was a rabid pain in their collective asses, calling in to bitch about dubs from songs because I knew they were playing music from both CDs and carts. Once I got into a college, I got an internship with the station so I could "fix it from within" only to realize I had no F'ing clue what went on in a radio station day-to-day. Given a little perspective, I put my nose to the grindstone and proceeded to learn what I could from whoever I could and that eventually led to me getting a board op gig running remotes and Angel's Baseball games.

Garth Brooks, Fresno, Ca - Aug 25th 1997. Don't judge. Little High School Jeremy was living in two worlds, I was caught between all the cool things happening with Alternative music developing in the 90's along with the star studded Country scene. So, when a friend had a couple of extra pit tickets to see Garth Brooks in Fresno, I busted my ass to convince my sister (who is 10 years older than me) to hop in her Geo Storm and drive 6 hours one way for her brother's first concert.

Pearl Jam - Ten. I was 10 and this controversial band had an edgy song with the same name as mine, of course I was all about it. I'd steal the cassette from my sister when she left her room unguarded and I would listen to it on repeat. There are few albums I know note for note, this was the first one, from Once to Release plus the very cool hidden track, it's all burned into my mind.

The Calling. I had no idea what I was getting into when I was told I had to interview this band. "Wherever You Will Go" was a song that was heating up the charts and I had never done an interview before. First of all you have to understand, this was 2001, the internet was still mostly dial up and there was no easy prep site. I was forced to prep from CD liner notes and fan bulletin boards. I'm so glad the interview got destroyed by an accidental mishap with the bulk eraser, because afterwards I was told that I pronounced the name of their new album Camino Palmero wrong for the entire interview despite being corrected by the band everytime I screwed it up.

Why must I relive this? I was running the board for an Angels game and had to run to the bathroom mid inning. The game had been slow and we still had two outs to go, so I figured I had time to relive myself. It felt like ten seconds after I sat down, we got a walk on first and an immediate double play. The inning was over, I heard the lock out and I was still mid push. The worst part of this situation was since the station owner also collected cars and the radio station was attached to his museum/warehouse and the bathroom was 100+ yards away from the studio. I made that 100 yard cheek-squeeze sprint and only missed one 30 seconds spot in the break. I spent the next 15 minutes watching the hotline, just waiting to get my ass chewed by my PD.