Famous Firsts with Dave Levora

Dave Levora

PD/Morning Show Host

KQCJ (Planet 93.9)/Quad Cities, IA

I started out hosting a two hour specialty show called "The Sunday Night Alternative," Sundays at 10pm on KLYV-FM in Dubuque, Iowa. (1992-1995).

Jonathon Brandmeier and The Leisure Suits at Poplar Creek Music Theatre on June 25th, 1988.

My first album was The Soundtrack to Saturday Night Fever but my first 45 was Debbie Boone, "You Light Up My Life"

Working nights in Dubuque, I interviewed Mike Score of A Flock of Seagulls. The PD kept reminding me to make sure to "ask a lot of questions about their hair." There was an awkward silence and then Mike explained he was bald.

My first time reading the obituaries on WDBQ-AM, I mispronounced the last name of a recently deceased Dubuquer. Imagine the WORST word you could say on the air. Yep. That one. Hearing it come out of my mouth, I realized that my lifelong dream of being on the radio was over before it began. I felt a nervous laugh coming up so I shut my mic off and waited until I had composed myself. The dead air felt like forever but it was probably closer to ten seconds. I'm so sorry, Mrs. Kuntz.