Famous Firsts with Tamo


APD/MD/Midday Host

WWDC (DC101)/Washington, D.C.

I was a Promotions & Programming Assistant at WROX/ Norfolk, VA. I was going to ODU & wanted a big job in Corporate America - I wanted to wear a power suit to work so badly. I'm embarrassed to say that even though I grew up listening to WOWI & WNVZ, I knew nothing about radio. I needed an internship & when the radio station was presented as an opportunity, I thought, "Sure! It's in the tallest building in Downtown Norfolk...big, fancy, corporate media company...let's go!" Let's just say I showed up to my interview in said power suit, while the guy interviewing me was wearing board shorts and flip-flops. The rest is history.

Snoop Dogg at The NorVa. I think The Clipse opened. They brought strippers on stage in between acts. A lot of weed smoke. It was wild.

Oh Jesus, I don't know. Probably Alanis Morrisette "Jagged Little Pill" from the K-Mart in Virginia Beach.

Brand New at The NorVa. I'll never forget it - I was in class and I get a call from Pam Bucci, and I run out to take it because it’s mf'n Pam Bucci. She says, "I know you love the band, so I told your boss that either you do the interview or no one does the interview." Pretty sure I recorded the interview on one of the old handhelds, but I honestly don't remember because I for sure blacked out from nerves/excitement.

At which station? lol. I mean, the most memorable time was when I was WROX and we were broadcasting live from Warped Tour. Katy Perry was about to come by for an interview (Jay Michaels was the PD then, and even though we were Alt Rock, we were quick to play “I Kissed A Girl”). I tripped over the extension cord and took the whole station off air. Took a couple minutes for everything to reboot once we got plugged back in, but we got the Katy interview!