# HAPPENS’ own Ryan J. Downey moderates the panels at Astronomicon in Livonia, Michigan. This year’s guests included Ice Nine Kills frontman Spencer Charnas.

Like the previous six (and 6.5), Astronomicon 7 is put on by Jamie Madrox and Monoxide, aka Twiztid, and their team at Majik Ninja Entertainment, including MNE co-founder George Vlahakis and Michael Winegar.

Charnas was featured on Twiztid’s rock radio hit “Envy, ” which broke into the Active Rock and Mainstream Rock Airplay Top 40 charts in 2021.

At Astronomicon 7, held April 12 – 14,  Twizitd surprise announced the forthcoming release of a two-song rock 7″ single and music video for “Dance on My Grave.” 

Earlier today, Ice Nine Kills announced a second co-headlining run with In This Moment